Welcome to Bunnybees Rabbitry

About Us

We are a small rabbitry that originated in Texas as a Rabbitry/ Rescue

 We are a rabbitry that believes that temperament is just as important as show quality, and we work very hard with each and everyone of our rabbits regardless of quality. We relocated to the beautiful foot hills of Mt. Rainier of Washington State in 2010. We were able to move almost our entire herd. We have worked with a number of different breeds, but are absolutely in love with lionheads.  

Our goal...

 Now that our type is pretty consistent in our lionheads,  we are focusing on genotype. We strive to have our genotype and phenotype coincide with each other.

Through the hard work of our COD holders and presenters, we are now proud to announce that Lionheads are finally recognized in 4 varieties... REW, TORT, Chocolate and Seal!

We are proud members of...

American Rabbit Breeders Association

North American Lionhead Club

Please visit this site for the current Standard of Perfection or to become a member.

Pacific Northwest Lionhead Rabbit Club

Currently I am the WA State Director & Newsletter Editor for this club.


ARBA Rabbitry Registration #B570